The “Golden Iced Coffee,” A Lavish Blend Of Coffee And Espresso


I often have days where I’m standing in front of both my macchinetta and coffee dripper, time ticking away slowly but surely beside me, debating whether I want to indulge in a cup of pour over coffee or a rich shot of espresso. Obviously, I end up having one or the other. But what if I didn’t have to choose? What if I could just have both?

It’s a thought that never occurred to me until I visited one of my favorite coffee chains in Japan, Komeda’s Coffee. They came out with a new drink a few months ago called the “Golden Iced Coffee,” which actually comes served in a gold cup. This luxuriously presented drink is lavishly made with coffee and espresso, creating a full-bodied concoction with a strong but still pleasant bitterness.


Komeda’s Coffee only reveals that this iced drink is made from Arabica coffee and espresso, but that should be enough information for any of us to try it out on our own. Personally, I love the Golden Iced Coffee, although most days I’d probably go for something a bit lighter. With that said, if you ever decide to give this blend of coffee and espresso a try, enjoy your first cup without any cream or sugar — that’s how it is recommended at the cafe, and it’s also how I would recommend it too.

So if like me, you often find yourself unable to choose between your caffeinated options, treat yourself to the glorious alternative of having them all.

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