Meet The Iced Coffee With 80 Times More Caffeine Than Your Usual Cup Of Joe


Whether you’re a workaholic, a grad student clawing your way toward the light at the end of the academic tunnel, or just someone that’s exceptionally cranky in the mornings, it’s probably safe to say that caffeine is your best friend. But with regular caffeine intake comes higher tolerance, and while relying heavily on caffeine isn’t exactly the recommended way to go, sometimes we need an extra extra caffeine kick to get us back into motion.

Well, I recently came across news of a brand new drink I thought I’d share with you about. To my sheer jealousy, it looks like it’s the residents of Adelaide, Australia who will mainly be reveling in its glory, but now I have good reason to start saving up for a trip down under.

Viscous Coffee

You may have heard that last month, Viscous Coffee made internet headlines with a new badass drink: the “Asskicker.” The Asskicker is an iced coffee drink whose name says it all — it gives you a giant kick in the ass. Containing 80 times more caffeine than the usual cup of coffee, it’s meant to be slowly enjoyed over the course of four hours, and promises to give you sustained energy for 12-18 hours.


The Asskicker

The exact amount of caffeine in the Asskicker is 5 grams, which is actually half the amount of the lethal dose of caffeine. Needless to say, the drink comes with a health warning, so those with heart or blood pressure issues beware.

Steve Benington, the owner of Viscous Coffee, told The Advertiser that he had originally made it for a nurse working the night shift. Apparently, the Asskicker took the nurse two days to sip through, and ended up keeping her awake for three.

The secret to the insane amount of caffeine is in the intricate blend of a number of caffeinated components — four shots of espresso, 120ml of 10-day brewed cold drip coffee, and eight 48-hour brewed cold drip ice cubes.

Dying to try it yet?

But it’s not just that this killer iced coffee contains a ton of caffeine — it promises excellent flavor, too. I can’t say if that’s a good or bad thing concerning this particular drink, though, since no matter how delicious we may discover it to be, we’ll still have to keep ourselves from drinking too much at once.

I don’t know about you, but this Asskicker coffee sounds like something I’ll have to try if I ever get the chance to visit South Australia. If you want more information about the cafe responsible for this intriguing drink, head over to their Facebook page for details.

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