7 Genius Uses For Recycled Coffee Grounds To Try Out Today


You wouldn’t recycle your coffee grounds to make another cup of coffee (even though you could, if you really wanted to), but there are so many uses for used coffee grounds, it would be waste to simply throw them away after your aromatic drink has been brewed to perfection.

You’ll find tons of articles online introducing brilliant uses for coffee grounds, so I’ve decided to give you a brief list of the easiest ways you can incorporate them into your life.

1. Deodorizer for your refrigerator

There are lots of ways to keep the inside of your fridge smelling nice and fresh, and placing a bowl of coffee grounds is one of them. Coffee beans and grounds are known to neutralize odors, and if you’ve ever been to a perfumery, you may have noticed that they sometimes have little jars of coffee beans you can sniff before trying out a different scent. In a similar manner, used coffee grounds will eliminate any foul smells you want to get rid of inside your fridge.

2. Natural pesticide

Protect your beloved plants from unwanted pests by sprinkling some coffee grounds around them. This makes sense, considering coffee contains caffeine, and caffeine is a substance actively produced in many tropical plants, most likely to keep bugs and other critters away. Coffee grounds can also be used as fertilizer for some plants.

3. Compost

You can also compost coffee grounds by simply dumping them into your compost pile. If you decide to do so, make sure you read up on the difference between green and brown compost material, and how to balance out the mix properly.

4. Facial and body scrub

Mix coffee grounds with natural oil (like olive oil or coconut oil) for an instant exfoliant. You can also rub them onto your hands after you’ve chopped up some onions or garlic in the kitchen — not only will the grounds leave your hands  soft, they’ll get rid of any smells.

5. Remedy for smooth, shiny hair

Or, rub them into your hair during your morning shower to make it smooth and shiny. They will get rid of built-up residue that has accumulated in your locks.

6. Scratch remover

Touch up some scratches you might have on dark wooden furniture by rubbing coffee grounds into them with warm water and vinegar. Use a cotton swab if necessary.

7. Natural abrasive

Just like they can be used on your skin as an exfoliant, coffee grounds can also be utilized as a gentle abrasive to use on dirty pans, dishes, counters, and grills. Be extra careful if you want to scrub a light-colored surface, though, because the coffee can potentially leave stains.

There are many more extensive lists online, but you can easily start testing the ones on this list today. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also try making homemade soap bars from used coffee grounds!

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